The call of the island life. Inspire your next adventure

There is something so enchanting about the island of Sri Lanka. Perhaps it is the golden beaches and the rising waves that have, over time, grown to be synonymous with our island nation. Perhaps it is the misty mountains and the cascading waterfalls, or the country’s very own ‘Big Four’ – mighty elephants, the stealthy leopards, the awe-bearing sperm whales and the elusive sloth bears.  Perhaps it is in the golden cups of tea, freshly brewed from the factories itself, or the fragrance of cinnamon carrying sweet tales of the country’s rich heritage in the wind. Perhaps it is in the shining eyes of a gem minor or the strong arms of a rice cultivator.

Or perhaps it is all in the warm Sri Lankan smile and the open-armed hospitality that Lankans seem to have been born with. The beauty of Sri Lanka cannot be credited to just one quality. It is in the mix; bottled up into a small island, and presented to the world as the ‘pearl of the Indian ocean’. From centuries past, Sri Lanka enthralled visitors with its rustic charm and vibrant culture. Marco Polo, following his visit to Sri Lanka during his expedition in 1271 described the ‘Isle of Seilan’ as “the finest island of its size in all the world”. Wars have been fought over this compact yet wonderful treasure of a country. The South Indians came first declaring ownership, followed by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British for commercial gains. Yet they could not hold on to all its beauty and power. They left, leaving behind intriguing inspirations that the Sri Lankans weaved into their daily lives. The story of Sri Lanka is a poignant one; one laced with happiness as well as tears. We have experienced devastation but risen our head like a phoenix. But we are all the more proud of what we are, because of this very fact. Come, be a part of our story. We would like nothing more.