In and around Kaluthara
  • Visit Kaluthara Bodhiya

It is believed that the Bōdhi Tree at Kalutara sprouted from a sapling of the Jaya Sri Maha Bōdhi in Anuradhapura, which is a sapling of the Bōdhi Tree, under which Buddha attained enlightenment


  • Brief Garden by Bevis Bawa

With a barely controlled riot of a garden out of The Jungle Book, and carefully designed house, which used to be the home of Bevis Bawa, brother of renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa, has an eclectic range of artwork on display – from homoerotic sculpture to a wonderful mural of Sri Lankan life in the style of Marc Chagall.


  • Lunuganga Estate by Geoffrey Bawa, Bentota

The Lunuganga estate was the beautifully landscaped country home of the famed Sri Lankan architect, Geoffrey Bawa. Sitting on some 15 acres of land, the estate comprises of a tastefully done cottage and vast spaces of garden area, that anyone is bound to fall in love with.


  • Madu Ganga river safari

Cruise through the mangroves and a host of little islands along a river resplendent with natural beauty. Boat rides, fish spa, lagoon fishing are part of the experiences at the Madu Ganga. Madu Ganga wetland is considered to be one of the last remaining tracts of pristine mangrove forests in Sri Lanka. One of Sri Lanka’s longest bridges is also yours to conquer.


  • Kosgoda turtle hatchery

Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery aims to protect sea turtle eggs and increase hatching rates, while treating disabled and injured turtles due to fishing. You can join in to share the experience of the baby sea turtle release or see the process in action for education and awareness of sea turtle issues.


  • Ambalangoda wooden masks

Ambalangoda is well-known for hand-made wooden mask, an art past down from generation to generation. The types of masks are many and have been used by ancient villages for a host of reasons – from curing illnesses to driving away evil spirits. The Ariyapala Mask Museum showcases these many faces of our past with informative diagrams and historical tales.