Elixir for your soul

Our facilities are meant to transport you into an environment of leisure. Take your mind off day-to-day buzz and find your paradise along the beaches of Kaluthara.

Find your peace here.

The pool

pool Take the plunge
An aquatic heaven to relax, this is an ideal hangout for a stimulating dip in the morning and relaxed lounging all day. Aqua aerobic sessions with trainer available upon request.

The gym

gym Fitness first
For those whose day isn’t complete without a run on the treadmill or some quick exercises, our gym would help fill the void. Our gym is equipped only with the basic facilities in hope of encouraging our guests to enjoy the fresh air and a run on the beach.

The Ayurvedic Spa

spa Sense of rejuvenation
Unwind with daily spa treatments at our ayurvedic spa. Our specially trained therapists will take away your tension, relax and rejuvenate with the integrative wellness techniques that have been passed down from generations go.

The souvenir shop

shop Dress like a local
The best part about travelling is the exploration of cultures. At Kamili, we present a range of local attire for your picking. For the men, it is the batik sarong and shirt; and for the ladies it is the sari. Our team members will be happy to help you dress up too! These also make for ideal gifts.

The Library

library Expand your mind
If you love to read and is well versed in French, our library will be your sanctuary. Select from a collection of topics from fiction to nonfiction, to history and architecture.

Games and activities

games For the inner sportsman in you

If you’d like a little more activity while you holiday with us, we’d love for you to try these out.

  • Beach volleyball
  • Beach football
  • Cricket
  • Water polo
  • Mini golf
  • Croquet